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YouTube Commenting

The idea of positive feedback is crucial to how your channel looks to other viewers.

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What is YouTube Commenting?

The comments section is one of the features that makes YouTube so unique. There, you can get direct feedback from your viewers, answer their questions, and overall create a community and conversation around your videos. YouTube comments allow for dialogue between your brand and your followers. ... Brands can leverage the popularity of the platform, too, by not only creating useful or entertaining videos, but by managing their YouTube comments section, as well. People want to feel seen and heard.


The importance of Youtube comenting

The idea of positive feedback is crucial to how your channel looks to other viewers. When you get positive engagement that looks natural, you are more likely to obtain more positive feedback from new viewers.


Benefits of YouTube Commenting Submission

Answering comments on your videos, which are typically focused on your products, services, company or industry, helps clearly show your understanding of your specialty. The more questions you answer from your audience, the more likely they'll return for more insights from your channel as the authority on a particular industry. Just as it's important to create quality, informative videos; it's equally important to help spur quality conversations around your videos and the comments your viewers leave on your channel. Your brand knows your industry the best, so answer and respond to comments to make sure your audience knows this as well. Creating a place where your voice, as well as the input of your audience is thriving will help grow your community to be a valuable asset. By building trust with your viewers by answering questions, responding to comments and addressing issues; it will strengthen future and existing relationships with your audience. Use a personal tone when responding to YouTube comments to give your brand an approachable feel. The more quickly you respond with helpful information, the happier your YouTube audience will be and surprised, since many YouTube comments on brand channels go unanswered.

Comments on videos help to boost your Website ranking

Your comments are similar to engaging in conventional conversation in the online world. You will gain feedback that allows you to make the appropriate adjustments to your content when necessary.

Does commenting on YouTube give money?

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How do you do an YouTube Commenting submission?

Get started in the YouTube Creator Studio app Help Center. Highlight a comment for your fans by pinning it to the top of the comment section. On mobile, viewers may need to expand the comment section to see the pinned comment. You can choose to pin your own comment or a fan comment.