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What is Article Submission?

Article submission is one of the most popular Off-page SEO methods to create quality backlinks via content sharing. To get the maximum benefits of article submission, we must use unique and high-quality content.

This is a long-term SEO strategy that can increase backlinks to your site or blog. It is important that your articles are submitted to the appropriate categories on popular article submission sites. To get the best out of this business, you should only create quality articles.

Article submission is a way to write articles about your business, and submit them to popular article submission directories.

This backlink can be either do-follow or no-follow. It is important to bring in a lot of people to your site with little effort. Article submission has many benefits, including advertising, marketing, and publicity for your company on the Internet.

Remember to submit your articles to the correct categories on popular article submission sites.


The Importance of Article Submission in SEO

Viral content has the potential to attract many high-quality backlinks in this age of social media and article submission is known as one of the most commonly used off-page techniques for improving a website’s ranking.


Key Benefits of Article Submission

Article submission websites allow you to send high-quality, informative, and unique content to third-party websites to increase your reach. These sites offer many benefits beyond exposure.

You must provide high-quality and engaging content to rank your site on the first page of SERPs when you search for competitive keywords. Your page's rank in the SERPs will be affected by how well-respected websites link to it.

By including links in your article, you can direct them toward your website. Article directories permit you to submit articles free of charge. Indirectly promote your product by including links from your website in your article.

Key Benefits of Article Submission Are:

  • Getting better search engine rankings.
  • You can generate leads almost entirely for free with content marketing.
  • You can establish your expertise in a particular subject.
  • You can obtain permanent, real backlinks.
  • Visitors who follow your backlink can increase your website traffic.

Article Submission Helps Improve Your Blog/Site SERP Ranking

Backlinks allow readers to easily access your website by simply including them in an article. This will increase your website's visitors, which in turn helps you to generate more traffic.

Key Points to Consider While Writing Articles

There are many article submission websites, with their own guidelines and hundreds of thousands of users. These suggestions will help you meet the needs of your target audience as well as search engines.

These are some of the most important guidelines for article submissions to remember:


Each article should have a unique title that clearly explains what it is about. The title should be between 50-60 characters in length.


Most article submission sites require you to create a summary before you submit your article. The summary section can give a quick overview of your article. The character limit for a summary field is usually 150 to 200 characters.

Keywords and Tag

Most article submission websites will prompt you to input your keyword and topic for a particular article in the Keywords and Tags section. The keyword section ranks your article at the top while the tag section categorizes it. Understanding what google analytics will allow you to better understand your target audience's core behavior.

Sign up or about us

The "about us" section will appear when you submit an article. These sections are important and should be filled with relevant information. You can also use Snapchat business to improve your social media marketing strategies and increase brand visibility.

Article Body

This is where you'll enter your textual and multimedia content. Double-check your article before you press the publish button.

It will be published immediately depending on which website you submitted the article. Or it will require moderator approval. Your article will be reviewed by a moderator for any possible plagiarism or other issues. If it conforms to their guidelines, approval will be granted within a few days.

By using and keeping these key points in mind, article submission can helps your site/blog to be seen by search engines like Google and Yahoo. High authority article submissions sites are crawled by these search engines on a regular basis, and your article will be indexed in their databases if it is published on a popular website.

The main benefit of using these important guidelines helps you improve your search engine ranking not only by getting your articles published online but also by promoting them through social media and bookmarking sites.


Article Submission Vs Article Spinning: A Detailed Comparison

When article submission is compared with article spinning, there are several subtle differences between the two techniques. Let us now discuss some of these differences:

Article Submission Article Spinning
Article submission is a technique that helps you build your online reputation and credibility by getting articles published on various websites. Article spinning is a technique that is used to rewrite existing articles and make them unique. This is done by using software that creates multiple versions of the same article.
When you publish an original article using article submission, it will be promoted through social media and bookmarking sites as well as search engines like Google and Yahoo. when you spin or rewrite an article using article spinning, it will not be promoted as aggressively as an original article.
Original articles tend to get published faster on article submission sites than spun articles. This is because moderators do not have to spend time checking them for quality and authenticity. However, when you spin or rewrite an existing article, you have to make sure that the content is original and of high quality.
Article submission is an easy and quick way of getting your article published online without having to invest too much time or effort. You can either use one of the marketplaces or build your own network of websites by using free article submission sites. On the other hand, when you use article spinning, your article can take days or even weeks to be published on various websites, depending on the market. There are several factors that affect this time duration including the uniqueness, quality, and authenticity of your article.
Article submission sites are free to use, while marketplaces that specialize in article posting charge a small fee for publishing articles. This implies that you can publish as many articles as you want if you have a large budget with these sites. On the other hand, when you use article spinning, there is a cost involved in rewriting and publishing your articles on various websites.

When trying to determine whether to use article submission vs article marketing or vice versa, it is important to consider both benefits and drawbacks of each technique.

Article Submission Vs Article Spinning: Benefits and Drawbacks

When article submission is compared with article spinning, there are several advantages and disadvantages associated with using these techniques for article promotion. Let us now take a look at some of these benefits and drawbacks:

Benefits of Using Article Submission

There are several benefits associated with using article submission sites to publish articles online. Some of these benefits include:

The main benefit of using article submission is that you can use it to improve your search engine ranking not only by getting your articles published online but also by promoting them through social media and bookmarking sites.

The main benefit of using article submission is that you can use it to improve your search engine ranking not only by getting your articles published online but also by promoting them through social media and bookmarking sites.

Article submission helps you get your content out and read by people who would otherwise not have seen it. It also gives you an opportunity to reach new markets and audiences that may help build your business further down the road.

Drawbacks of Using Article Submission

While article submission sites are great for building your online reputation and credibility, there are several drawbacks associated with using them as well. Some of these include:

The main drawback of article submission is that you have to spend a lot of time promoting an original article if you want it to get published on a large number of websites.

Another drawback is that you have to be careful about the quality and authenticity of your articles if you want them to be published on high-quality websites. If moderators find any discrepancies, your article may not be published.

Benefits of Using Article Spinning – When compared to article submission, using article spinning has several benefits as well. Some of the main benefits associated with using this technique include:

One of the main benefits of using article spinning is that you can quickly and easily publish your original content on various websites without having to spend a lot of time and money promoting it. This leaves you more time to focus on other aspects of your business..